An original flower child, Saffron was born and raised at the height of the 1960's peace & love movement. Saffy has four things she adores in life: altruism, feminism, naturism & doorstop-ism. Combine them all, and you have - quite possibly - the most perfect doorstopper in the Wedgie family.

Saffron the Doorstopper is a special collaboration with Wedgies, a fairtrade wooden handicrafts company. Limited edition sold exclusively at Couveture boutique in Notting Hill, London. Available here


- Handmade & handpainted in Sri Lanka.

- As each piece is handmade, there may be small imperfections that make each product one of a kind.

- 100% Alstonia Wood.

Make Your Own Wedgie ☻

One day workshop run by Maria Ines Gul at the Couveture store during London Craft Week 2018. The patricipants had a chance to create their own version of the doorstopper.